"My" Recipes

I'm planning to make a nice recipe viewer website, to fix everything that's wrong with every other recipe viewer (heh). Until then, here are some basic web pages of some recipes I've collected.

🍪  Bon Jin's chocolate chip cookies I promise they usually look better than this... show

🍪  Matt's snickerdoodles

Things I've Made

I've done all of these, and they've all turned out at least decently well. I can theoretically make them again, or give tips on how to do them.

🍪  Dora's "Best Chocolate Chip Cookies" The classic version of the classic cookie (recipe from an older sister at church!). The first thing I ever baked, and still a favorite

🍪  Cafe Mocha Cookies Mocha cookies, made with actual coffee grounds. What could be better? :D

🍪  Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies I've made this several times (usually they look better than in the picture!). Red velvet is actually a lie—it's just chocolate. But still delicious! show

🍪  Easy Sugar Cookies Basic cookies for basic people

🍪  Chocolate Peppermint Chip Cookies My go-to. Even some people who don't normally like peppermint go for these. When they come out right, they're beautifully soft, and the peppermint soaks through the chocolatey dough show

🍪  Mint Chocolate Pudding Cookies Actually the exact same recipe as above, except with mint chips instead of peppermint (so less Christmas-themed). I haven't found either kind of chip (Andes crème de menthe or Andes peppermint) at any store, so I order them online

🍪  Cranberry White Chocolate Cookies A little less sweet than some of the other recipes show

🍪  Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chunk Cookies This is real decadence. When I made them, they came out really gooey (but that's OK!)

🍪  Cake Batter Chocolate Chip Cookies Great for anyone's birthday! show

🍪  Death by Chocolate Cookies These cookies are certainly lethal if you're unfortunate enough to be allergic to chocolate. If not, you'll probably survive, but be careful anyway—this is some serious chocolateyness

🍪  Oreo Chip Cookies Also known as franken-cookies. The Oreos' tragic sacrifice is not without its rewards show

🍪  Cinnamon Roll Cookies A cookie, but also a cinnamon roll! Everyone was confused as to what I was making. Rolling the log is a lot of fun. Very, very sugary

🍪  Brownie-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies This is cheating, a bit—it's not from scratch. But the brownie and cookie make a great combination (and we ended up with some brownie on the side!)

🍪  Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies (#1) My first attempt at something with the delicious softness and chewiness of a bakery-made cookie. It wasn't quite there, but it turned out pretty well

🍪  Bakery-Style Chocolate Chip Cookies (#2) Second attempt. These ones were really, really good. (But be warned, they're huge!)

🎂  Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake Finally, not a cookie! (But there's cookies in it.) It's really tricky to do this without the ice cream melting everywhere; luckily, I had some help from a much more experienced baker. It's pretty delicious, even if you don't get it to look perfect

🎂  Black Magic Cake Chocolate and coffee and deliciousness. Made this for a friend's birthday (with a lot of help)

🎂  Chocolate Cake with Kimchi OK, this one wasn't the best success. This was a birthday cake for a friend who loves kimchi, but despite being quite difficult and fancy, it tastes a little... weird

🍞  Banana Cranberry Bread A little generic, but really good show

🍩  Chef John's Apple Fritters These are awesome. I didn't fry them quite long enough, but still: cooked apple, apple cider, fried in oil. The only problem is, they look a bit like meatballs show

🍪   Dark Chocolate Andes Cookie Cups More like a brownie cupcake.